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Jan. 22nd, 2009


testing this thing

so, I'm trying out this whole updating via IM thing... cool? does it work?

Nov. 19th, 2008


Arg. I have been wanting one for like 3 years

I want one of those rings. :P thats all

Oct. 2nd, 2008


from before....

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Young_Adult_Novel ??????

Aug. 19th, 2008


:P keep in in

I only seem to post anymore when I am upset and that makes all of my bad qualities such as "fuck" come out. :/ I;m sorry!

So today I am posting simply to post. :D

Jan. 30th, 2008


da da duckies?

were they a dream?

Sep. 24th, 2007


What Do You Have To Say? - Arts & Crafts: My Inspiration

Where do you get inspiration for your arts and crafts?

Aug. 16th, 2005


(no subject)

What Icons are for you?(Thank you for #1!! Please check out my other Memes!!) by ladyallie
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Your Food Icon is...
Your Animal Icon is...
Your Random Icon is...
Your Cartoon Icon is...
Your Sexy Icon is...
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Jun. 21st, 2005


from the inside

well,I WAs considering doing something today but then I was like no, I smell bad I need a shower LoL But I'll go to the swim meet tonight so the day won't be compleatly wasted...

May. 25th, 2005



Well for those of you who don't know I am going to Syracuse(spelling) for a wedding this weekend! And! due to the largeness of my family I would like to have my CDs back... xD to listen to on the way there. ... so if you feel the urge to please return my CDs to me before the end of school on friday. (I REALLY want my Keane CD... :( )(Such sad sexy music)(YES MUSIC CAN BE SEXY!!)

May. 21st, 2005


haha I found this link... in someones LJ... heh.

Your Birthdate: September 19

Your birth on the 19th day of the month adds a tone of independence and extra energy to your life path.

But at the same time, it poses a number of obstacles to overcome before you are able to be as independent as you would like. The number 1 energy suggests more executive ability and leadership qualities than your path may have indicated.

A birthday on the 19th of any month gives greater will power and self-confidence, and very often a rather original approach. However, a somewhat self-centered approach to life that may be in conflict with some of the other influences in your life.

This 1 energy may diminish your ability and desire to handle details, preferring instead to paint with a broad brush.

You are sensitive, but your feeling stay somewhat repressed.

You have a compelling manner that can be dominating in many situations.

You do not tend to follow convention or take advice very well.

Consequently, you tend to learn through experience; sometimes hard experiences.

The 19/1 is a loner number and you may experience feelings of being alone even if you are married.

You may take on a tendency to be nervous and angry.

hmm... maybe...

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